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  Château Haut Terrier  
  181 Avenue Marc Dolus
33620 - St Mariens

Tél. : 05 57 68 53 54
Fax : 05 57 68 16 87

Winemaking process:

  •  WHITE Wines

    All the grape, once sorted, are sentin a tank and inerted in carbon dioxide. After 12 to 24 Hours of skin maceration, we take off the free-run juice by draining of the tank and then the marc is pressed in order to recover the press-wine.
    Both juices are purify thanks to specific enzymes and are maintained at 8°C during 5 days maximum.
    After the racking process (always under CO2), juices sart fermentation with different aromatic complexity during the blending. Juices are maintained at 15°C during the alcoholic fermentation which lasts between 3 to 5 weeks.

  • RED Wines

    All the grape once sorted are sent out of concrete or stainless tanks,the crop will be preserved at 8°C maximum during 5 days inerted under carbon dioxide for the stage of skin maceration. Passed this stage, juices are launched in alcoholic fermentation, by adding an aromatic yeast. We do at the same time a micro oxygenetion in order to reinforce the fruity flavours and the color of the wine. When the three quarter of the fermentation is done, we stop intervention and let finish quietly the transformation of sugars.
    After two to three weeks of fermentation, according to the vintage and after a tasting with the oenologist, we run off, we separate the press wine and the free-run juice, we let have the malo-lactic fermentation naturallywith a control  every 3 or 4 days to avoid any deviation.

  • ROSE Wine

    The Rosé wine is obtained by bleeding on the best red grape tank after 12 or 24 Hours of maceration according to the vintage, it is a tricky stage because we have to avoid a too light or dark color. This wines have the same stage of winemaking process than the  white wine.

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The Ageing Process:

White wines and rosé wines are growned on fine lies during at least one month, and then bottled in March, except the cuvée, which is aged in oak barrel until bottling in May.

The traditional red wines (60%) are put into concrete tanks.

Red Cuvée Prestige (40%) are aged during 18 months into French tanks of oak from l'Allier Region(France).

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